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Press release



Sell Smart Home more successfully: With ComLine at the “HomeKit konkret” in Hanover

On 28 and 29 June the Heise event “HomeKit konkret” will take place in Hanover. Smart Home specialist and IT distributor ComLine will present new, individual sales solutions for resellers who want to take off in the Smart Home segment.

Smart Home is one of the major growth markets. Distributor ComLine has managed to make this complex topic easy and conclusive for every interested party with its Shelf Concept 2.0 and the “3rd Party HomeKit Accessory Table”. For the first time, the specialist trade can now also sell smart products without sales staff needing special training.

The event “HomeKit konkret” on June 28th and 29th in Hanover, organised by Heise Events, offers a detailed look at the smart home. In addition to many exciting lectures on the subject of HomeKit, there will also be 3 workshops. The main topics will be the installation of HomeKit-enabled devices, the automation of devices and the setting up of scenes for rooms, houses and zones. An ideal event to get to know the HomeKit and Smart Home topic better, no matter if you are a beginner, an expert or a B2B user.

In addition, there will be a “Business – HomeKit-Strategy Summit” for manufacturers at which new strategies, analyses, customer positioning and synergies in the HomeKit area will be discussed.

Smart Home specialist and IT distributor ComLine presents its Shelf Concept 2.0 and the “3rd Party HomeKit Accessory Table” for product sales with the brands Nanoleaf, Philips, Fibaro, Eve and Logitech. The area is complemented by the Smart Living Finder™, which showcases the complete range of products from the Smart Home segment in digital form.

„With the new 3rd Party HomeKit Accessory Table and the Shelf Concept 2.0, we are creating greater visibility for HomeKit-enabled accessories across the board. This concept is also the basis for a better point of contact for questions and advice at the POS. We, ComLine, support the trade with our Smart-Living-Finder™, so that you can also experience the products that are perhaps not shown as a highlight on the table.“
Kim Jannsen, Product Manager Smart Living / Retail at ComLine