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Press release



DiTail Service GmbH – a strong product deserves strong showcasing

Nowadays, the real sales clincher is the right presentation of your product, and not just for start-ups with innovative ideas. DiTail Service GmbH, a newly established Flensburg media enterprise produces professional product videos in 4K and high-resolution 360° views that showcase your articles perfectly.

Product videos, installation videos and 360° views are now indispensable for many prospective buyers. They are informative, provide help with installation problems, give a better understanding of the product and explain complex technical processes in a simple manner. As a subsidiary of IT distributor ComLine GmbH, the newly established enterprise DiTail Service GmbH has the right experience and the know-how to be able to implement this trend proficiently and professionally. The modern studio in Lise Meitner Strasse offers plenty of space for creative development and has everything a video maker could wish for in terms of technology.

4K resolution videos made in the studio guarantee razor-sharp images, and colour-keying technology offers free configuration of the studio design. Multiple cameras film the product explanations from different angles and it is also possible to record images and audio content direct from your tablet, mobile phone or laptop.

„For me, a product video has to be exciting, authentic and informative, especially for technical articles – but it must never be too long-winded. And that’s where we at DiTail Service GmbH come in. Our videos get straight to the heart of the highlights, simply and concisely but also objectively and with charm. We also have the advantage of experience in the field of IT distribution. Our presenters not only know the technology but also the market. It’s great fun developing and implementing meaningful concepts with young start-ups and creative manufacturers. We believe that a strong product deserves strong showcasing – and we stage it perfectly.“

Marco Ritschel, studio manager at DiTail Service GmbH

Another advantage is that you can choose to be in front of the camera yourself or use one of DiTail’s professional presenters. If you want to do the presentation yourself, together we will develop a suitable concept and then put it into effect in front of the camera. And if you decide to go with a presenter, they will explain the product for you.

Perfect photos of the articles are now extremely important in retail. With 360° views the customer can turn the product in any direction at any speed to view it from all sides. It is also possible to create the 360° view as a photo or a video gallery.

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Or come see us at DiTail Service GmbH, Lise-Meitner-Str. 16, 24941 Flensburg