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Press release



ComLine expands its portfolio to include Angelbird storage media

Beginning in January 2017 special distributor ComLine GmbH is including products from Austrian manufacturer Angelbird in its range, thus expanding its portfolio in the SSD storage media sector.

Angelbird is one of the most exciting newcomers in the SSD storage area in recent years. Here we are talking about both new functionalities as well as the attractive design of the Angelbird products. We are convinced that we can give Angelbird the perfect distribution wings, because ComLine has outstanding access to creative product dealers and also works with manufacturers that suit Angelbird perfectl.
Manuel Mörs, periphery product manager

Founded in 2011, Angelbird Technologies GmbH is an Austrian high-tech data storage enterprise. Based in Lustenau/Vorarlberg, Angelbird has set itself the goal of providing both the highest quality and the highest performance. The storage media from this young company are used in mobile, stationary, and big data applications. With its top quality SSD storage media, which also have a very attractive modern design, Angelbird is ideal for creative professionals such as photographers, video makers, musicians, designers and web professionals.

Our team is very pleased about the cooperation with ComLine Distribution, because they can provide all the creative pro partners in the ComLine network with fast and professional access to our high quality SSD storage solutions.
Roman Rabitsch, CEO of Angelbird

The Voralberg-based storage specialist Angelbird is a small enterprise with a versatile and flexible process landscape that enables it to quickly and easily implement even very individual customer wishes, such as the branding of very small quantities. This is what sets this manufacturer apart from its competitors. Every product is produced by Angelbird in Austria, from development to final production, which is why they all bear the quality seal «Made in Austria». The company puts its trust in young, creative employees and a very strict quality control.


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